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Many of these tales have similar plots, settings, and characters, even in different regions around the world. Writing that is true to expressing a story's movement creates a compelling sense of being in the moment for a story's audience.

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Some issue that pulls at them. In a horror story, characters must act -- move -- or die. With this new form of storytelling continues to spread, the danger of the corrupt also comes the corruption of social morals into pray. Part of the reason Shakespeare has maintained his fame and influence is the multitude of adaptations many have made from his works. And by forty thousand years ago, humans were creating the type of complex, imaginative, and densely populated murals found on the chalky canvases of ancient caves: art that reveals creatures no longer content to simply experience the world but who felt compelled to record and re-imagine it. These nascent Pygmalion myths then spread to other parts of Africa and the Levant with migrating livestock herders. A story that is well-told will be read in novel form because the listener wants to obtain a deeper understanding of the tale. Throughout the book, stories are used as a way to socialize, teach lessons and warn about dangers. Such a method of storytelling thus express how the force of the community is fundamental to the Japanese society. Thus the Canadian myth is of equal importance to the Canadian literary identity as the literature chosen to be a part of the Canadian literary canon. The ideas expressed in this essay are developed more comprehensively in my workbook, A Story is a Promise , and in my on-line classes. We know that by 1. By telling stories, early humans gained unprecedented autonomy over their subjective experiences: they could dictate and record extensive histories and make intricate long-term plans; they could obscure, revise, and mythologize truth; they could dwell in alternate worlds of their own making.

Whether it is a play with a modern interpretation of Romeo and Juliet or an animated rendition of Hamlet where the characters are placed in futuristic robotic mech suits; the messages and themes written by the bard have transcended both the eras they were written in and the mediums the works are presented in Throughout the book, stories are used as a way to socialize, teach lessons and warn about dangers.

Only when a story engages the attention of its audience via what a story is about at this deeper, foundation level does a story promise something of value to its audience. Hawaii has always been my ideal vacation spot, but now I feel as though visiting Hawaii for all the culture would be amazing.

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With over 38 famous works under his name, Shakespeare has maintained both legitimacy and relevance to this day. When a story's audience has been led to feel invested in the outcome of a story's moments, the attention of that audience is drawn inside those moments.

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