High schools and colleges should require students to perform some kind of community service

Pros of mandatory community service for high school students

Encouraging good work for a good cause is one thing; driving students to the good work for the sake of graduating is another. This illustrates how the previous generation placed a strong emphasis on community service. According to Julie Ayers, a service-learning specialist for the Maryland State Department of Education, the hours students spend doing community service equip them with the knowledge and skills needed for civic engagement. While it is true that the required hours of service do open students to work in the community that they would not experience should the mandate be eliminated, but the SSL requirement also enforces the wrong mindset toward community service in students. Cons The disadvantages of requiring community service projects from each student include the possibility that the pressure that these requirements foist on students may turn them against future service involvement. And junior Stephan Kostreski, who should be a senior this year, but because of his late entrance into MCPS he is missing a few core requirements that are keeping him from graduating. Deci and Richard M. One reason schools have introduced this type of program is that volunteer work leads to academic gains. Bierwirth said. Students More Likely to Grow Up to Become Voters Youths who take part in volunteering activities become more involved in their communities, and as a result, tend to care more about what happens in those communities. These students should be proud that they can help selflessly out of intrinsic motivation, instead of feeling forced to put their hours of hard work towards an SSL requirement. This can range from helping a student with homework they don't understand or serving food at a homeless shelter. Some join the military and others already have job prospects to pursue. Teamwork will help with making new friends. Even when activism is not directly related to coursework, students learn universal lessons like the importance of helping their fellow community members when they help feed the homeless or build homes for natural disaster victims.

Regardless of the type of activity they decide to pursue, students are held responsible for completing a job to the best of their ability.

Reinhard, a spokesman for Maryland's Department of Education, said his is the only state to require it of all its high school students.

Furthermore, according to Blair Student Service Learning Coordinator Robert Hopkins, "The greatest part of SSL hours is that students learn transferable skills that can be applied to a variety of unique situations," he says.

Our primary mission is academic, but we want the kids to acquire not only skills but attitudes and values to become a contributing member of the community and the greater society.

Should volunteering be mandatory in high schools essay

There is also a sense of social resposiblity that is gained from community service projects. I don't think a lot of kids would read all the books and do their assignments. In the news, kids hear about struggling families, but may never realize there are families in their own neighborhoods who need assistance. It's a small world? Some believe that forcing students to volunteer is defeating the purpose of volunteering because it's not volunteering if you are required to do it. Regardless of the type of activity they decide to pursue, students are held responsible for completing a job to the best of their ability. The purpose of SSL hours is to address community needs in a way that reinforces curriculum goals because they arm students with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for productivity in an increasingly diverse and interconnected world.

Bolton said. Some students around the country fought mandatory service in the courts, claiming it violated the constitutional prohibition of slavery. Deci and Richard M. By requiring students to do community service in high school, we are not only ensuring good and informed citizens, but also a better economic and social climate.

should community service be required to graduate high school essay

Community service is great for high school student in the future. When they dedicate time to the community, students make attitudinal and behavioral strides by learning how to be productive members of society.

It also serves as a symbiotic relationship between the volunteer and the recipient.

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Should high schools require community service?