Kids proofread essay tips

To check flow of ideas read a paragraph out loud. Just Write Tell your child not to worry about self-editing during the first draft. The game asks the player, under the pressure of a second countdown clock, to form as many words as possible from just one or two letters.

Microsoft Word provides one page at a time on the screen, you may write about the same theme in many places in a long document.

Proofreading and editing

Making it more complete will naturally require more research. This is hard work, however. Find a quiet room without any access to the Internet and email. Go through your writing and look for generalized or weak nouns and replace them with specific or strong nouns. It allows you to push the argument forward by incorporating their criticisms into your own writing. People want to know the purpose of this writing fairly quickly. Better vocabulary and word choice makes a better essay. Why care about a misspelled word when you may end up deleting the paragraph altogether or completely rephrasing it? Re-order sentences If a paragraph seems unfocused, a simple solution could be just re-ordering the sentences. Make sure you have evidence for your arguments Academic writing and business recommendation reports should contain arguments.

Leave a Reply Be the First to Comment! Be consistent with contractions Check with your style guide on whether to use contractions.

proofreading exercises

Remove peppered adjectives Similar to the caution about adverbs, excess adjectives annoy readers too. It always helps to have a second reader. But sometimes writers use jargon as a way to show off or suggest they are better than their readers.

These macro-level tips help you get your writing in order before attending to the finer details. Errors will jump out at you. Go back to your document and locate dates, names, statistics, and so on, and compare them to the original source.

All the great speeches in human history repeated phrases and underlying grammatical elements. Re-read your changes The worst thing you can do when typing in editing or proofreading changes is adding new errors.

Some exceptions to the rule include dreams and emotional moments.

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Why Is Proofreading Important?