Life cycle of debonairs pizza customers

The few months were not good for us as a lot of our customers went to Pizza Inn, possibly because of the prices, the location they had chosen and maybe they wanted to try out something new.

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A questionnaire was also handed out and filled out by 45 customers in the Mbabane area who frequented at the Corporate Place and the Mbabane Mall in order to determine and have knowledge on their personal preference and the reason behind that and how they got to know about the companies they prefer, between the two.

His Centurion restaurant has partnered with the Community Empowerment Outreach Center in nearby Mooiplaas, providing the children at the centre with bread on a regular basis. Only 4.

Life cycle of debonairs pizza customers

They have been successful in terms of customer base and profits, as both aspects have increased in the years since they started operations in the country. Both these customers opted for Debonairs and that shows the influence Debonairs has despite Pizza Inn becoming more popular and becoming more preferred than Debonairs. In terms of advertising, Pizza Inn has its work cut-out as a lot of people visit the Corporate Place and are very likely to notice and visit some of the restaurants. Type a word or phrase in the space provided and click 'Find'. Almost all other mall outlets closed except for a few offering takeaways. That affected our profits and sales. More shopping malls have dine-in eating areas for food court purchases. Pizza Mbabane is located at the newly built Corporate Place, which has become a regular hang-out spot for most of the people in Mbabane. Oasis Center Oasis Mall has part of the upstairs food court sectioned off for daytime consumption of food court takeaway purchases. Free parking hrs after 10am, all day on Fridays. Below-the-line advertising Under below-the-line advertising, Debonairs Mbabane uses promotional strategies under sales promotion and these include: free offers and the BOGOF strategy buy one 18 get one free. Some of the reasons that have caused this change in customer base has been the prices, the location and products between these two companies, which are going to be looked at further in this investigation. We also try and keep our products affordable for consumers as much as we can. Debonairs Smoking and alcohol restrictions, eating and.

Also the customer loyalty they had and the customer service was different and so customers came and things went back to normal. One of the reasons is that Debonairs pizza was always expensive.

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Our pizza definitely tastes better than any other pizza in Swaziland. New branch at MOE opened 12 Jun?

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Several open for dine-in after 12pm with takeaways only before that; if dine-in not available most malls have takeaways from some food court outlets. Mirdiff City Centre mall MCCboth food court areas open, relatively quiet, free mall wifi, free all day car park. What promotional strategies have you used in the past? Over the years he has become a successful multiple-store operator. As shown by Figure 5, a majority of the people that purchase pizza are those in the working, because they can afford to buy it. Hardee's is closed daytime though. Rendering to the questionnaire results, And remember, a little extra dough goes a long way!

This is mainly attract new customers that may be curious about the product range and to keep their loyal customers informed about promotions and other products they may not now about. Last Exit food truck area on Sheikh Zayed Rd desert side of highway, AUH to DXB direction has most outlets open 24 hrs, and the dining area is open daytime with indoor seating where you can consume your purchases.

The results mean that most people purchase pizza at least once a month, which may not be surprising as most people spend a lot of money when they get their pay cheque 13 and so will want to eat out with family of friends, hence the high numbers.

Pizza Inn has also provided consumers a greater variety of fast-food choices in the area, and through these techniques utilized, the consumers were made aware of the restaurant Debonairs can also use some forms of below-the-line promotional strategies such as increasing the amount of branding for their products by using different channels such as pamphlets or more discounts and competitions whenever they introduce a new product into their wide product portfolio.

debonairs pizza near me

This helps them in reaching a wider market base. A lot of people, These two columns, years and years, make up most of the active population of any country and they most likely purchase pizza because they can afford it.

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Debonairs developed a reputation in the small country but it was most appealing to the affording population of the population of Swaziland and most of the citizens could not afford their pizza for a number of reasons. Thank you to Mr. Above-the-line advertising Under above-the-line promotion, they use informative advertising. None of the 45 customers purchased pizza on a daily basis, which was not surprising. The last questions asked customers which age group they belonged to. This would ultimately help increase their sales revenue and help the company regain their lost customer base and help them compete successfully. She also mentioned that this went on for months and it really affected their sales. This meant that the proximity of the restaurant really matters to customers as most will prefer to walk or drive a shorter distance, depending on where they are from. But after that we got our customers back because they realised that there was nothing like a Debonairs Pizza and that we are the best at it. New branch at MOE opened 12 Jun? We are very enthusiastic about the continued growth potential of this brand — in all the markets we trade in. Both these customers opted for Debonairs and that shows the influence Debonairs has despite Pizza Inn becoming more popular and becoming more preferred than Debonairs. Also, the questionnaires were handed out to people of different age groups, as to get and overview of what the population of Mbabane thinks.
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